07 / 12 / 2019

Rock and Roll revival 70s & 80s by Dj eddie Cesc

Dj Eddie-Cesc

Estamos de vuelta en un nuevo especial de Cruce de Caminos donde recuperamos a Rocky con un nuevo track lits, impecable como siempre gracias a Dj Eddie Cesc.

Nuestro especial de hoy "Rock and Roll Revival 70s y 80s"recoge autenticas maravillas como estas:

Crazy Cavan - Jeezy Peezy

Al Roberts JR - Happy days

Tommy and the Hot Rockd - Old Black Joe

The Rockin Shades - R&R is Good for the soul

Hurricane - Shakin an Breakin

Rocky Storm & The Shakrs - I Go Ape

the Starlighters - Brand New Cadillac

Roy Powell and THe Shiver Givers - All upTight

The Avengers  Dancing Shoes

Danny wild and The Wilcats - Old Bill Boogie

Chantilly Lace - Tutane

Wild Angels - Stuck on you

Shakin´Stevens and the Sunsets - Spirit of Woodstock

The Suntroke -  All the Time

Rock Island Line - the wanderer

Mal Gray and the American Pie - rock and Roll man

Tthe Rhythm Cats - Tennessee Rock

Flying Saucers - My babe


Rock and Roll Revival 70s & 80s by DJ Eddie Cesc

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